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A letter from a Sheriff

Dear Mr. Lucas,

As Sheriff of Walker County I frequently come in contact with young people who have made wrong choices and chosen the wrong path of life. The Winner's Circle Program gives them the opportunity to turn their life around with the guidance of role models. The program relies on strong Christian based adults committed to helping these young people reach their full potential both socially and academically.

The Winner's Circle Program will benefit from the community greatly. Productive young adults striving to achieve their best. I support your efforts whole heartedly. May God bless you and all the individuals dedicated to this project.

Clint McRae, Sheriff
Walker County, Huntsville, Texas
Winner's Circle Juvenile Mentoring Program

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Our Mission is to reach at-risk juveniles with relationships of hope that guide them out of the juvenile justice system to social and academic success.



With juvenile crime rates on the rise, and with the rate of violent juvenile increasing, there has never been a time when the need for community involvement and intervention in the lives of our at- risk youth. Nationally,juvenile arrests are exceeding 2.1 million annually.

In a 2002 study conducted by the California Youth Authority, it was discovered that 8% of all juveniles arrested would be re-arrested a minimum of four times within the following 12 months. This group of juvenile offenders accounts for 57% of all juvenile arrests. Unfortunately, these numbers are reflective of the national trend. It should also be noted that the overwhelming majority of Juveniles arrested are from single parent homes, or homes where there is a lack of proper adult supervision and support.



There is currently a growing body of empirical evidence supporting the effectiveness of juvenile mentoring programs. Nationally, according to figures compiled by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, juvenile mentoring programs are experiencing an 89% success rate. A similar program, started by the founder of the Winner's Circle Program for another organization, has experienced a success rate of greater than 95%. It can be rightfully concluded the mentoring works!



The Winner's Circle Program seeks to bring together various elements of the local community to work together to fulfill our mission and vision. In each location, where there might be a Winner's Circle chapter established, there are deep pools of resources available. Strategic alliances with organizations, both faith-based and secular that share our values, are vital for the long-term success of the program. These organizations offer tremendous assistance to the body of trained, caring adult mentors, who pour their heart and soul into each relationship. Through these relationships of hope, the lives of the at-risk young people will be transformed and the community changed.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for Alcohol Classes must now be done in person at our office. Please contact Kent Lucas at 936-577-0995 for registration times. Class date and times are located at the "Calendar" tab to the left.

Due to lack of participation, Decisions and Anger Management Classes will only be held every other month. For more information on these classes, contact Teresa Schultz at 936-577-9149.

The next two Power of Getting it Right (Decisions) Classes are Saturday, April 26 and Saturday, June 28 beginning at 9:30am. Your child must be registered no later than the Wednesday preceding the class date. Please furnish your child a snack or lunch and drink.

The next two Anger Management Class will be Saturday, April 12 and Saturday, June 14, from 9:00am – 2:00pm. Your child must be registered no later than the Wednesday preceding the class date. Please furnish your child a snack or lunch and drink.

Alcohol Education Program for Minors (AEPM) next two classes are (1) April 15 and 17 from 5-8pm, and (2) May 3 and 4 from 2-5pm.

To find out more about upcoming classes and events, click the "Calendar" link at the top left.

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The Winner's Circle Juvenile Mentoring Program of Walker County, Texas, is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization.
Offices are located in Huntsville, TX. For more sinformation, contact:
Kent Lucas, Executive Director
1213 Ave O
Huntsville, TX 77340

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