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The Winner's Circle Juvenile Mentoring Program is dependant on cooperation from the courts and dedicated volunteer mentors. We seek to work with the juveniles who are the most at-risk and, in many cases, the most overlooked segment of the juvenile population. Once a juvenile enters your jurisdiction, for whatever reason, that you refer them to us.

The first encounter, for most of the referrals, with the adult mentors will be a Saturday morning program that we simply refer to as The Program. This will be a fun and exciting event, designed to break down barriers between the youth and the adults. At no time during the program presentation will the juveniles be referred to as prisoners, probationers, or any other term that would be derogatory. In fact, there will always be those in attendance who have not been through the court or juvenile justice system. The Program will utilize athletes and entertainers to deliver a message of making right choices and accountability. During the program, the juveniles and the mentors will mix and interact. At the end of the program, natural matches will have occurred. Parents are encouraged to attend the program as well. Juveniles referred to the program only need attend one Program Event.

Once the juvenile has agreed to enter into a mentor and mentee relationship, an agreement is signed by both and a Parental Agreement is also signed. The mentor and mentee will then set an appointment for their first meeting. This meeting will occur at a Safe Site location, which has been approved by the program directors. Most of these locations will be churches. For more details on Safe Sites, contact the office. Subsequent meetings will also take place at these locations at a mutually determined time. Mentors will report to the office after each meeting with the mentee. ALL mentors have been trained and have been through criminal background checks before being allowed to have any contact with the juveniles. Additionally, mentors must present their Winner's Circle photo ID to the persons in charge of the Safe Sites.

Parents are asked to attend a Parent's Orientation meeting on the Tuesday evening following each Program. More particulars about the program will be discussed with each parent at that meeting.

It is preferred that the mentors and mentees meet once a week. In between these meetings, the mentor will keep in contact with the mentee by phone or email. The mentors will always be available to the mentee. After a mentee has completed one year of working with the mentor and has satisfied all of the elements of the agreement and has not been back through the courts, they will be graduated out of the program. This will occur at an annual banquet. This does not mean that the relationship must end. It is hoped that this relationship will continue indefinitely.

We work closely with the Center for Counseling at Sam Houston State University. As needs for family counseling or psychological profiles are needed, we may refer clients to them. We will also refer families to local participating pastors for counseling.

Reports will be published annually to the community as to the success of the program. No names of juveniles will ever be published without the consent of both the juvenile and their parent or guardian. Based on similar programs, we anticipate a success rate of 90-95 percent.


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The Winner's Circle Juvenile Mentoring Program of Walker County, Texas, is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization.
Offices are located in Huntsville, TX. For more information, contact:
Kent Lucas, Executive Director
1213 Ave O
Huntsville, TX 77340

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